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Chemical Passivation Solution

Guarantees densification of the passive layer for all austenitic chrome-nickel steels. Recommended after pickling and cleaning procedures.

Passivation solution - RP, RP-Gel


Stainless Steel owes its corrosion resistance to a microscopically thin oxide protection layer, the passivation layer. The premise for the forming of a homogenous and dense passivation layer is a clean metallic shining surface which is produced by pickling. The use of the passivation solution builds and especially intensifies the passivation layer in shortest time.


RP can be used by dip, spray or with brushes. Rinse afterwards thoroughly with clean or - if necessary - desalinated water.
Consumption: 6 - 10 m2/kg
Contact time: 20 -30 min.

To note!
Do not use product under heat influence. Please observe the hazard and safety advise on container label.
The indication of product suitability and associated notes are based on our experience, are not recommendations and are not legally binding. Please test product before use. We reserve the right to amendments.

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