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Penetrating degreasing agents

Pre-treatment before use of pickling baths and other products to prevent the penetration into scratches, cracks and constructions that are difficult to access.

Penetrating degreasing facilitator - EEV

Product Description

The new Pelox product EEV penetrating degreasing facilitator is applied especially when products have fine cracks, scratches, edges or construction characteristics that are difficult to access.

By combining solvents and surfactants one can attain excellent creeping properties, wettability and capability to emulsify which largely prevents the penetration of pickling baths, sprays and other products in cracks and scratches.

After rinsing the drip-off and draining properties improve noticeably.

Pelox EEV is completely miscible with water and resistant against chemicals and hardeners.


Pelox EEV can be sprayed onto the surface or applied with a brush. The effect can be improved greatly by adding mechanical action.


Depending on the require- ments and the condition of the surface the process can be repeated after pickling.

Besides the degreasing properties the product also removes unwanted foil residues.

To note!
The indication of product suitability and associated notes are based on our experience, are not recommendations and are not legally binding. Please test product before use. We reserve the right to amendments.

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